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        July 1st The Party Members Activity 2010.7.5
        Datetime: 2010/8/17 11:19:03
            For celebrating the 89th anniversary of Party抯 Day, further strengthening patriotism education and build up communistic ideality. Company抯 branch of the party organized all the party members who were not went on errands to visit the patriotism education bases 慛ew Fourth Army Tai Xing Huangqiao Battle Memorial?
            Huangqiao Battle Memorial now has more than 2500 history pictures, 235 revolutionary cultural relics, more than 300 calligraphy and paintings created by old warriors or personages. The interpreter explained the history then our party members viewed the relics and all had a deep understanding of the Huangqiao Battle 60 years ago. Through this activity our party members all had a personal experience about the revolutionary spirit: daredevil, willingness and self-giving. All of us declared that we will continuing and develop the revolutionary spirit and do our job consciously, in order to make contribution to the business development of our company.